“Social Media Link & SipCity: Lessons from a passion-centric non-paid consumer advocacy community”   Seth: We’re here with Susan Frech, Co-founder and CEO of Social Media Link – a company recently featured by O (The Oprah Winfrey Magazine) and Entrepreneur – to take a look at what we’re seeing in the world of community building
“What’s all the Buzz? How BuzzBallz is quickly capturing the RTD cocktail market”   Seth: Ready for RTD (and ready-to-go) cocktails? There’s plenty of buzz about the rapidly growing market…but who’ll be the “winners”, with brands and cocktails that truly stick in the marketplace? I’d say it’s the ones who are able to best serve
“Empowering the women that power our industry”   Seth: Women of the wine and spirits world…do you feel like you’re operating on equal ground with your male counterparts? Why or why not? …in either case, are you part of the movement? At eBev, touting the powerful female minds leading the way in beverage and beyond