Todd Gibson /

Co-Founder, Yerbaé Enhanced Sparkling Water

TODD GIBSON is an accomplished beverage industry entrepreneur, innovator, business builder, and sales leader who, in partnership with his wife, Karrie, is growing the Yerbaé Enhanced Sparkling Water brand. To this venture, he brings laser-sharp customer focus, a rock-solid work ethic, and depth and breadth of experience in business development, marketing, merchandising, vendor management, and operations. Having helped build three companies from the ground up that were sold to Coca Cola and Pepsi, Todd knows what it takes to successfully bring a product to market in the highly-competitive functional and wellness beverage industry.

From his humble beginnings in beer distribution, Todd went on to work with the people who would chart the future course of the beverage industry. He moved into the energy beverage marketplace and gained regard as an innovator in the development and execution in the field for the first energy drink in the US marketplace (Hansen’s Energy) and carried that experience forward to brands such as SoBe, Fuze and NOS Energy. After the sale of Vintage Tech, he and Karrie set out to create a clean, refreshing, and delicious new beverage that blends sparkling water and Yerba Maté, without the jolt and crash of most caffeinated energy drinks.

Throughout his career, Todd has excelled in educating retailers, developing new products, executing with the distributors and retailers. As well as connecting with consumers in both the field and at a strategic level. He knows that alongside innovation, strategy, and execution must come the trusted relationships that will be essential to the sustainability of Yerbaé in the marketplace. His integrity, responsiveness, and ability to consistently deliver on a promise have enabled him to develop strong partnerships. At Yerbaé, he is indulging his passion as a founder, while helping build a culture that emphasizes the contributions of its people in advancing one of the next great beverage brands.

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