Stephen Myers /

Stephen Myers, Head of Trade Advocacy, Mr Black Spirits

Stephen has worked in the liquor and hospitality industries across four continents and over two decades.

From Australia to Luxembourg, Guatemala and the Unites States, he has held a broad spectrum of roles covering operations, sales, marketing and brand building against very culturally diverse and challenging backdrops.

An owner and Board Member of Ilegal Mezcal, Stephen helped create, build and bring to market Ilegal in the US, throughout Europe, the UK and Australasia. Using non traditional and oft time unconventional approaches to growing a category that was relatively unknown outside Mexico, Stephen added value to and grew his relationships and network whilst building not only a brand but a category.

Stephen’s extensive branding and marketing expertise combined with his sales and stakeholder management make him one of the industry’s knowledgable insiders.

Currently Stephen is head of Trade Advocacy for Mr Black in the US, educating and revolutionising the coffee liqueur category.


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