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Michael Gonzalez, Founder & CEO, FitTea & HappyTea

Michael Gonzalez, Founder & CEO of FitTea & HappyTea. Michael is best known for starting one of the Largest Online Tea brands that turned retail giants like Walmart into a continuous client of his. FitTea had it’s launch over 6 years ago and still remains as one of the most sought after natural detox teas on the market.

Michael attributes a lot of his success to his early adoption of “influencer marketing” “Back in 2013, no one was using large accounts to sell products, so I thought I would be the first and would get the attention of everyone” – Michael Gonzalez. In doing so, Michael not only pioneered the advertising space in which we call “influencer marketing” but also was the first to get a household name like the Kardashians to endorse and promote FitTea.

Scaling a $75M+ dollar empire, Michael has not only mastered the art of selling & marketing but also have FitTea become a globally known brand and the #1 Detox Tea in America. With no preservatives and laxatives, FitTea truly encompasses a superior brand. Sold to over 2 Million Household, FitTea is a product the community trusts and continuously buys.

Today, you can catch Michael managing and scaling his next business, HappyTea. The first CBD infused drink that has audiences all over the world in a hype as it continues to build and develop as a leading CBD product to market. Be on the lookout for HappyTea as there are exciting announcements coming soon!

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