Kenneth Park /

Founder & CEO, Superleaf

Kenneth Park is the founder and CEO of Superleaf. Prior to organizing the Company in 2012, Ken attended NYU Tisch for Film and TV before transferring to Babson College to study entrepreneurship and concentrate in TED (Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Design). During his junior year at Babson, Ken was inspired to create a beverage business focused on aloe vera. This idea stemmed from his mother who suffered from serious digestive problems during Ken’s childhood, which led her to share her aloe recipes with the family–not only as a digestive treatment but also as a simple cure-all. After realizing that ingesting aloe was a foreign concept to other students on campus, Ken began his aloe journey by private labeling/importing an organic aloe juice from Korea, calling it “Superleaf”. As he sold a few truckloads of Superleaf out of his dorm room to test its market viability, Ken realized that there was a void in the market for a truly better-for-you, aloe-enhanced beverage and spent the next few years focusing on formulation. In 2016, Ken finally launched Detoxwater and secured national distribution within the first three months. Nowadays, Ken is focused on formulating and testing different aloe based products for Superleaf, which he plans to debut in the coming months. During his free time, he golfs with his friends/family and loves to travel with his French Bulldog, Stitch!



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