Karrie Gibson /

Co-Founder, Yerbaé Enhanced Sparkling Water

KARRIE GIBSON believes that integrity, honesty, and hard work are key traits for growing a successful business. She has overcome numerous challenges along her entrepreneurial journey by staying focused on a vision, handling issues head-on, and surrounding herself with quality people. Her strong research orientation, emphasis on effective team leadership, board experience, and unique problem-solving approach have served her well in creating a winning company culture. It is this same tenacity and commitment to excellence that helped her launch YERBAÉ ENHANCED SPARKLING WATER and will ensure its status as a leader in the health and wellness industry.

Having built multiple businesses from the ground up, Karrie has learned the importance of investing in professional relationships. In each venture, she has put people before profit, and made it her mission to create value for her employees, clients, customers, vendors, and stakeholders. Her philosophy of servant leadership is founded on the belief that the strength of an organization is its people, and when people are engaged, they play to their strengths, and everybody wins. She knows what it means to be a good listener, and how a culture of caring and open communication inspires peak performance, creates investor appeal, and sustains the delicate balance of trust.

Whereas Karrie has garnered numerous accolades for her strong humanitarian values and community involvement, she downplays it as part of being an entrepreneur. Her goal at Yerbaé is to deliver a product of superior quality, engender customer loyalty, build yet another winning organization, and make it fun. Whereas many in her position might coast, Karrie has amped up her passion for business, and stayed connected to her core values. Recognizing the value that mentoring has had in her life, she seeks to give back and make a difference in the lives of other entrepreneurs who are courageously embarking down the same path.


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