Jonathan Mills /

Director, Client Engagement, A Hundred Years

I’m a writer, thinker, and doer and always looking for the threads of connection between real-world business needs and creativity.

At 100YRS you’ll find me introducing our work, guiding engagements and looking for new ways to bring value to our practice and our clients. I’m excited to be working across sectors to help design new ways to connect, communicate, think, and work.

You may have met me at Trailer Park (the agency, not the place), driving fast cars for Petrolicious, traveling the world with Paris Hilton, or creating amazing content for clients like Ferrari, Mercedes, Michelin, AB InBev, and Chopard.

When I’m not creating new relationships, I’m thinking about architectural and design solutions that don’t rely on planned obsolescence or the consumption of natural resources.

Oh, I wrote a horror movie produced by SLASH called NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR.

In a hundred years, it is my hope humans will realize that what binds us together is infinitely greater than what divides us.

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