Jonas Seyppel /

CEO, Mühlhaus Coffee

Before starting his position as CEO of Mühlhaus Coffee, Jonas Seyppel spent 15 years in the global energy industry.  Growing up in Europe two of Jonas’ favorite places were Vienna, Austria and Istanbul, Turkey. There his father and Jonas would spend entire afternoons reading the newspaper, watch people, write, and have delicious cakes and fresh tea or coffee.  Viennese-style Cafés date back to 1683 when Vienna faced the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Back then, Johannes Diodato, a spy, was instrumental in defending Vienna and brought Turkish coffee to Vienna: The Viennese Café was born. Mühlhaus Coffee combines the Viennese Café experience with the ease of Portable Artisan Coffee.

Jonas holds a Masters in Business & Politics from NYU Stern as well as a Masters in Politics & Chinese Studies from the University of Tubingen in Germany.

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