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Jody Levy, Co-Founder + Creative Director, WTRMLN WTR

Jody Levy is the Co-founder and Creative Director of WTRMLN WTR, a company and brand committed to redefining how and what we drink to nourish our bodies and sustain our ecosystem. World Waters first product WTRMLN WTR (watermelon water) was created out of a solve for the hundreds of millions of pounds of unused watermelons in the United States. These waste melons are either ugly, misshapen, sunburned but otherwise perfect to press nutrient-dense, hydrating WTRMLN WTR.

WTRMLN WTR is an innovative hydration blend that is packed with electrolytes, vitamins, lycopene, antioxidants, magnesium, iron, L-Citrulline and more. WTRMLN WTR is cold pressed straight from the watermelon and consists of just a few natural ingredients. No added sugar, no preservatives, and nothing artificial.

The mission of World Waters and WTRMLN WTR is to educate people about why clean healthy eating is so important for the health and sustainability of our communities:

Jody Levy is a director and executive producer and has been in the world of experience design since 2001. Jody has been creating unique events, interactive environments, brands, products, and multi-sensory installations that connect people in engaging ways. Her professional focus is all about the integration of art and technology. Jody is a creative director and executive producer and her work includes the design and production of live theatrical events, touring stages, hospitality environments, interactive installations, immersive brand activations, and non-traditional marketing and social campaigns.

Clients include American Idol, Chrysler, The Coachella Music Festival, Ford Motor Company, Heineken, Hewlett Packard, Lexus, MAC Cosmetics, Mos Def, Museum Of Modern Art, The Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, Palm, Paramount Pictures, Project Runway, San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art, Scion, Shades Optical, Toyota, W Hotels and many other international brands.

Jody is an entrepreneur, artist, designer, director, producer, educator and writer from the Detroit area who now calls Denver home.

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