Gardner Robinson /

Director of Sales, Thinfilm

A results-oriented sales executive with repeated proven success working with entrepreneurial leaders in direct to consumer product and service companies. Driven by the passion surrounding an accelerated and evolving growth environment. Extensive expertise in presenting business solutions to c-suite, demonstrating professional versatility, consistently converting prospects, and driving successful sales and marketing cycles.

Contributed to building brands across several industries, products and services, business models and customer bases, providing a diverse background in business and a focus on driving revenue. Worked with dynamic, proven, passionate leaders; for companies with favorable financial outlooks; and with teams whose conviction about the integrity and value of their brand is tangible – including CamelBak, Odwalla, MarquisJet and Salesforce.

Contributions are quantifiable and in alignment with corporate missions, specifically in the areas ofSales, Marketing, Business Development, and Management – and currently as Director of Sales at Thinfilm.

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