Brandon Fishman /

CEO, VitaCup

Brandon Fishman is the Founder and CEO of VitaCup. Brandon is from Philadelphia, PA and went to Emory University for undergrad and the University of San Diego for his Masters. Brandon has had 2 previous successful startups. His previous company Internet Marketing Inc grew to a 100 person Digital Marketing agency representing many Fortune 500 brands.

Brandon has been involved in digital marketing since paid clicks only cost 1 penny on Google and he became an expert in Facebook advertising when the platform launched. With his digital media knowledge and experience from working on over 500 consumer brands with his agency he was in a unique knowledge position to launch a CPG company based on E-Commerce.

Brandon has always been obsessed with health and fitness. In 2016 Brandon got a blood test and realized he was Vitamin B deficient. After getting some vitamin shots and completely changing the way he felt he became fixated on creating a product that would make it easier and more convenient for people to get their vitamins and had the idea to combine vitamins and coffee.  After 6 months of lab work and testing, Vitacup was born and launched in April 2017.

Brandon also wants to give back and formed a partnership with Vitamin Angels where VitaCup donates to Vitamin Angels to help supply children with vitamins all around the world that can’t afford them.


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