If Millennials are their own breed of mobile consumer, the Snapchat wielding Generation Z is surely a new species entirely. Young people today are living in a complex, post-authentic world where “Finstagram” is the “real” Instagram, the notion of “live streaming all day” is a viable career option and mobile bullying is an everyday reality. Only the marketers most tapped in to evolving youth mindsets will survive in this complicated new world.

This session will provide a sneak peek at the “Truth About Youth” is McCann Truth Central’s newest global study. With over 30,000 interviews and more than 60 group discussions with young people aged 16-30 across the globe, it’s one of their deepest, most revealing studies to date. 

Respondent Mariam Dombrovskaja will showcase how shopkick is building brand awareness and intent with millennials through an omnichannel approach allowing shopkick’s partners to deliver content in the right context to drive commerce.