BMA Team Members

Seth Hillstrom, Executive Director

In his role as Executive Director of the Beverage Marketing Association, Seth works hand-in-hand with nearly every major brand and agency in the beverage industry. With a goal of furthering the industry through collaboration, efficiency, and the creative use of technology, Seth is oft tasked with identifying and delivering on strategic partnerships that add considerable value for all participants. Working between stakeholders to identify brand-side needs and agency/technology offerings that are well aligned, Seth has helped all sides to come together to produce outstanding results on numerous occasions.

Prior to founding Beverage Marketing Association, Seth led a communications team for the City of New York’s Department of Finance. He holds a B.S. in Finance from the University of Delaware, and recently married the love of his life, Kika Hillstrom.

Kika Hillstrom, Managing Director eBev

Kika grew up in Germany and moved to England in 2007 where she began her studies and was ultimately awarded her PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Kika is an extremely energetic and enthusiastic person, fascinated by research. Her five national and international research awards reflect her competitive, hard-working and ambitious attributes.

In 2015, Kika joined Beverage Marketing Association (BMA) and establishing her role as Global Head of Research. Since joining, Kika has assumed responsibility for all BMA activities in the EMEA region, as well as oversight of all research and production for the annual eBev marketing and technology conference. Her dedication to uncovering truths and exploring every corner of the beverage martech landscape is an integral part of how BMA facilitates the highest level of knowledge transfer at each and every event in the eBev Series.

Kika recently moved to the Denver area with her husband, Seth Hillstrom.