eBev Global Interview Series FAQ


1. Awesome speakers! How can I join in?

Our eBev Global Interviews are public, thread-based discussions that take place each Thursday, live on LinkedIn.  Asking questions, sharing thoughts, and playing devil’s advocate isn’t just encouraged – it’s the name of the game!

On the day of the chat, click here to join the live thread, and feel free to connect with Seth Hillstrom of BMA to add us to your feed each week.


2. What topics are generally covered?

Beverage Marketing Association is dedicated to exploring the many challenges faced by CPG leaders and marketers in telling their stories, growing their brands, winning share of heart, and getting more liquid to lips.  Continuous innovation and the effective use of technology is certainly a critical part of that discussion – though it’s far from our only interest or concern.  At the end of the day, we want to help uncover truths and build better brands, better marketers, and better companies.


3. Can I be featured, or nominate someone we should all hear from?

Absolutely.  Please reach out to Kika Hillstrom, Managing Director of eBev by shooting her an email at Kika@bmaglobal.org


4. Where can I meet with the BMA team/members/speakers?

At eBev, of course! eBev 2019 is October 28-30 in Las Vegas, and unites leadership from the top minds in beverage/CPG, retail, technology, and beyond!