eBev 2018 Agenda

  • Oct 24
    Day 1
  • Oct 25
    Day 2
  • Oct 26
    Day 3
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Registration

Welcome to eBev 2018

12:00 PM - Opening Remarks
Seth Hillstrom, Executive Director, Beverage Marketing Association
Kika Hillstrom, Managing Director eBev, Beverage Marketing Association
Mitchell Reichgut, CEO, Jun Group

Setting the stage for eBev 2018!

12:10 PM - Shopper Tensions
Jennifer La Ponzina-Hale, Global Director, Shopper Marketing Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company


12:55 PM - Stop Advertising. Start Caring. How Budweiser Brings Purpose Driven Marketing to Life
Monica Rustgi, Vice President Marketing, Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch


1:25 PM - This or That: Influencer Content vs Brand Creative
Maria Sipka, Co-Founder & VP of Brand Strategy ,Linqia
Shock Torem, Vice President of Sales ,Linqia

In this session we will share the results of a recent study that compares the performance of influencer vs brand content.  The insights and methodology are intended to help brands optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of their media content strategy even beyond influencer channels.

1:40 PM - Forget the clutter – cutting through the dark!
Samar Singh Sheikhawat, CMO, United Breweries Limited

Samar Singh Sheikhawat will look at how United Breweries has been able to navigate winning fans in a dark market and establish a ridiculous 56% market share in India.

2:15 PM - Afternoon Break
2:35 PM - eCommerce Panel
Liza Maschi, Director of eCommerce North America, Danone
Elyse Burack, Director, Head of Integrated Marketing, Boxed
Cary Lin, Head of Marketing & Brand, 82Labs
Brandon Hall, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer, ONEHOPE Wine
3:20 PM - Digital innovation as a growth engine for Absolut
Fredrik Thorsén, Global Head of Digital Marketing -ABSOLUT Vodka, The Absolut Company - Pernod Ricard

The world is changing, media is extremely fragmented but yet consolidated. China is ahead and becoming the source for inspiration for a lot of brands. How can digital innovation fuel media performance as well as brand growth?

4:05 PM - Roundtable Discussions
4:35 PM - Rethinking Brand Creation and Innovation
Hugues Pietrini, CEO, Stoli Group


5:30 - 7:00 PM - eBev Kick-Off Party


8:30 AM - Morning Refreshments
9:00 AM - Marketing to Gen-Z; The Next Generation of Consumers
Jeff Fromm, President, FutureCast
Chad Nicholson, VP, Business Strategy Director, Barkley

Born in 1996, the oldest Gen-Zer’s are now of legal drinking age. Understand how they are different than previous generations and learn how to connect with them in a way what will drive future brand value.

9:45 AM - Honing your craft brand
Natalie Gershon, VP, Marketing, Boulevard Brewing
Nicole Carrier, Co-Founder & President, Throwback Brewery
Brian May, VP of International Business, Founders Brewing
Lester Jones, Chief Economist, National Beer Wholesalers Association (Moderator)
10:25 AM - Morning Break
10:45 AM - Building A Passion Brand: Leveraging Organic Social Media and Influencer Relationships
Ariel Boorstin, Director of Marketing, VOSS Water
Julian Chan, Global Social Media Manager, VOSS Water
  • Building a highly engaged digital community
  • Creating authentic influencer relationships to drive maximum ROI with limited budget
  • Leveraging consumer Social Media trends and making them brand centric
  • The power of simple ideas executed through strong strategic creative
  • Keeping Social Media, Social
11:15 AM - Live Nation: The Power of Live
Amanda Fraga, VP Fan Intelligence, Live Nation
Erika Lewis, VP Marketing & Culture, Live Nation
11:40 AM - Punching above your weight class
David Rule, Vice President , Marketing, Austin Eastciders
Gabriela Becker, Vice President, Marketing, Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Alexia Bregman, Founder & CEO, Vuka
Karrie Gibson, Co-Founder, Yerbaé Enhanced Sparkling Water
Jonathan Mills, Director Client Engagement, A Hundred Years


12:25 PM - Roundtable Discussions
12:50 PM - Lunch
1:45 PM - Transforming your media and creative strategies
Eric Markus, Brand Director, Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders, Heineken
Christopher Lehault, Global Director, Brand Experience, ZX Ventures (Anheuser-Busch InBev)
Steve Babcock, Chief Creative Officer, VaynerMedia
2:30 PM - The evolving beverage consumer: a look at behaviors, interests and trends
Mike Merna, Head of Brand Strategy, CPG, Oracle Data Cloud
Arthur Sevilla, Vertical Strategy Lead, CPG, Pinterest
In this session Mike Merna from Oracle Data Cloud and Arthur Sevilla from Pinterest team up to provide a complementary analysis from two unique data sets. Oracle will share insights based on current macro trends effecting consumer purchase behavior and Pinterest will tap into their consumer taste graph to highlight interest preferences, moments that matter and emerging trends.
3:15 PM - Phygital Innovation
Magnus Erhardt, Founder & Chief Experience Officer, BrandChatMe/EdgeDNA
Gardner Robinson, Director of Sales, Thin Film Electronics
3:55 PM - Afternoon Break
4:15 PM - Looking at the Malibu Kahlúa digital transformation journey and how the worlds biggest brands are embracing the Internet of Things
Cameron Worth, Founder & Managing Director, SharpEnd Agency
Johan Radojewski, Global Director, Communications & Channel Marketing - Malibu & Kahlúa, The Absolut Company
5:00 PM - Innovation and Cutting through the Clutter
Michael Oringer, Senior Vice President of Innovation & Trade Marketing, Stoli Group

Michael will provide a competitive landscape overview with regards to innovation, the Stoli innovation process and how Stoli goes to market with Push & Pull marketing to cut through the clutter.

8:30 AM - Morning Refreshments
9:00 AM - Innovating with Precision
Karmen Olson, Director of Innovation, Craft Brew Alliance
Stefan Tornquist, Vice President, Research (US), Econsultancy
Beth Marr, VP of Innovation, Pabst Brewing Company
Chris Hintermeister, Senior Manager, Innovation - Gatorade, PepsiCo
9:45 AM - Pardon the Disruption
Dennis O'Malley, CEO, Caliva
Chris Cuvelier, CEO, Zola
Seth Hillstrom, Executive Director, Beverage Marketing Association
10:30 AM - Agile Content Production
Francey Grund, Director of Marketing, Chameleon Cold Brew
Garland Hill, Head of Industry, CPG, Facebook
11:10 AM - Brunch
12:00 PM - Life On Line – the great escape from retail
CJ Comu, Chairman/CEO, EarthWater

EarthWater Founder/CEO will discuss the power of (Off Retail & On Line) and their partnership with AMAZON that went from 0 to 121 Countries.

12:45 PM - Edible Upcycling
Tom Clemente, CEO, Coffee Flour
Daniel Kurzrock, Chief Grain Officer and Co-Founder, ReGrained
Max Rivest, Co-Founder & CEO, Wize Monkey
Sam Chereskin, Co-Founder & CEO, Misadventure & Co.
Mitchell Reichgut, CEO, Jun Group


1:30 PM - Leaders of the emerging revolution
Sharelle Klaus, CEO/Founder, DRY Soda
Todd Gibson, Co-Founder, Yerbaé Enhanced Sparkling Water
Jonas Seyppel, CEO, Mühlhaus Coffee
Kenneth Park, CEO, Superleaf
Lester Jones, Chief Economist, National Beer Wholesalers Association
2:10 - 2:30 PM - Open Forum & Closing Remarks
Seth Hillstrom, Executive Director, Beverage Marketing Association
Kika Hillstrom, Managing Director eBev, Beverage Marketing Association