eBev 2017 Agenda

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    Day 3
1:00-2:00pm - Registration
2:00-2:10pm - Opening Remarks
Seth Hillstrom, Executive Director, BMA
2:10-2:50pm - Everything you need to know about working with Start-ups
Stephen Surman, Global Head of Digital and Ecommerce Strategy, Molson Coors

If you’re not working with start-ups, you’re not cool. Your boss wants you to work with start-ups; your C-suite wants you to work with start-ups. Everybody, it seems, is working with start-ups and every day, you receive two-dozen emails from start-ups who’d like to partner with you. But who do you engage and how do you partner in a way that is productive for both you and the start-ups? In this session, we’ll discuss some of the more conventional (and less conventional) wisdom on how best to supercharge your innovation pipelines by partnering with “the Valley”

2:50-3:20pm - Networking Break
3:20-4:05pm - Targeting: Our New Consumer Opportunity
Tim Murphy, Vice President, Consumer Planning & Insights, Pernod Ricard

The advent of digital and data-driven media has created great opportunity – along with its fair share of chaos, confusion and buzzwords. To a certain degree, we can bypass much of that by focusing on one key, overarching opportunity- targeting. In many cases, it’s all about targeting. Digital and data have created a tremendous opportunity to drive engagement, effectiveness and efficiency by targeting consumers in new and more relevant ways – including targeting journeys, moments and behaviors. This is our opportunity to join consumer conservations more seamlessly and in a way that adds value to our business.

4:05:4:15pm - Who, Where, and Why? Understanding On-Premise Consumer Insights!
Dan Adams, CTO, Ground Signal
4:15-5:00pm - How Innovations in Product, Technology, and Service are Helping Dunkin’ Donuts Become America’s Most Beloved Beverage-Led, on-the-go Brand.
Nigel Travis, Chairman and CEO, Dunkin' Brands, Inc.

In the highly-competitive quick-serve restaurant industry, brands must constantly change to meet rapidly-changing consumer needs and demographics. Nigel Travis, Chairman and CEO of Dunkin’ Brands, will share insights into how Dunkin’ Donuts is making advancements in technology, product innovation, service and CPG to become America’s most loved beverage-led, on-the-go brand.

5:00 - 7:00pm - eBev Cocktail Reception


8:30-9:00am - Morning Refreshments
9:00-9:45am - Connecting the Dots Between Digital Advertising and In-Store Sales. How Black Box Wines Advanced Digital Ad Measurement
Karena Breslin, Vice President of Digital Marketing, Constellation Brands
9:50-10:00am - Media Effectiveness Through Personalization
Jennifer Pelino, Senior Vice President, Omnichannel, IRI Media Center of Excellence
10:00-10:45am - Influencer Marketing isn’t Driving Results: Influence is
Ted Wright, CEO, Fizz
Kate McManus, VP of Marketing, Delicato Family Vineyards
10:45-11:05am - Morning Break
11:05-11:50am - How Shifts In Culture & Media Consumption Spur Meaningful Opportunities, Not Problems, For Keen Advertisers
Moderator: Jennifer Leitman, SVP Marketing, Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Panelist: Gabrielle Heyman, Head of Global Brand Partnerships, Zynga
Panelist: Steve Babcock, Chief Creative Officer, VaynerMedia
Panelist: Claire Fanning, VP Ad Product Strategy, Pandora
11:50am -12:35pm - Consumer centric digital advertising: Delivering real consumer value with mobile ads and making them more effective for leading beverage brands.
Adam Cohen-Aslatei, Senior Director of Marketing, Jungroup
Joanna Darst, Global Director of Consumer and Media Activation, Molson Coors
Nicholas Wootten, Vice President Marketing, INVO Coconut Water
Itai Bichler, Head of Global Digital Marketing, SodaStream International, Ltd.

Mobile puts people in control of the content they consume and everything else they do, from health, to commerce, to entertainment, and travel. Brand messaging however is one area that is lagging. Brands are still disrupting consumers with flashy ads, and people are fed up, opting to pay to eliminate ads and/or  block them altogether. 

Respecting the will of the consumer is more important than ever before. Imagine a world where reaching affluent or tech savvy consumers on mobile becomes impossible- this could become a reality. Find out how best-in-class beverage brands are developing the “right” creative for the right “context” and delivering real consumer value through brand messaging. The panel will cover best practices for reaching the ever increasing ad-intolerant consumer.

12:35-1:35pm - Lunch
1:35 -2:20pm - Telling Your Brand’s Story Through Digital Media
Alexia Bregman, Co-Founder and CMO, Vuka
Zach Hotle, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Neurobrands LLC
Neil Kimberley, Chief Strategy Officer, Essentia Water
Gilbert Gautereaux, CRO, RGM Group
2:20-3:20pm - Roundtable Discussions
3:20-3:40pm - PM Coffee & Networking Break
3:40-4:25pm - Elevating Extraordinary: Designing measurable multi-sensory consumer experiences
David Krupp, CEO, North America, Kinetic Worldwide
Sam Mazzarelli, Vice President, Nestle’s Team-N

Sparkling water is surging in popularity as more and more consumers ditch their soda habits. Flavors are driving 83% of the growth of the sparkling water category, and 55% of Perrier growth. 

So as temperatures peaked in New York this summer, we opened the doors to the Perrier Flavor Studio; an experiential, multisensory pop-up activation held in Soho. The Perrier Flavor Studio delivered unexpected brand and social media sharing experiences based around the five senses that created a unique environment for sampling and interacting with consumers. Guests were encouraged to find their flavor inspiration while enjoying a bright pop-up studio space displaying work and an interactive art wall from Perrier’s partner artist, AKACorleone. Check out how Kinetic and Perrier ‘Elevated Extraordinary’ by capturing the attention of consumers and measuring every detail of this multi-channel, multi-sensory activation.  

4:25-4:35pm - Tourism, Tech, and Drinks: How Clever Brands Can Connect With International Tourists to Drive Sales In Specific Markets
Nazar Kamangar, CEO, Travel Time Inc.
4:35-5:15pm - Hackonomy
B. Bonin Bough, Host of Cleveland Hustles, CNBC


8:30-9:00am - Morning Refreshments
9:00-9:45am - The Power of Context
John Coombs, Co-Founder and CEO, Rover
Jonathan Mills, Head of Brand Content, Trailer Park
9:45-10:30am - PepsiCo’s mobile marketing transformation with Facebook
Shawn Baron, Marketing Science Team, Facebook
Atin Kulkarni, Global Head, Media & Content Innovation CoE, PepsiCo

The mobile shift has already happened. Mobile is the constant in people’s increasingly complex, fragmented media consumption habits. With this shift comes challenges, both to how we execute marketing and how we measure the success of it. Through a standardized test-and-learn approach, PepsiCo partnered together with Facebook to transform their approach to mobile marketing. By uncovering new ways for brands to approach this medium, PepsiCo has improved their media ROI and become a leader in the category.

10:30-11:00am - AM Coffee & Networking Break
11:00-11:45am - Innovative Concepts for Building Brands Through Mobile
Brian Wong, Founder & CEO, KIIP
B. Bonin Bough, Host of Cleveland Hustles, CNBC
11:45-12:30pm - Waterfall Address
Matt Silk, Head of Strategy, Waterfall