“Social Cannabis consumption and the path to broad cultural relevance” Seth: If there’s anyone left who doubts the market viability of cannabis consumer products, they’re not watching closely. For the rest of us, it’s time to start talking about this industry in terms of how it will reach broad consumer appeal both in existing markets
“Omni-Channel Omni-Presence” Seth: Is your brand consistently showing up in the right time and place the join (not interrupt) the lives of your fans & consumers? Do you have a way to continue the conversation after they buy — or even a way to get it started? These are fairly critical question to answer, and
“What does your brand stand for? …and who cares?” Seth: From where I’m sitting, I often see brands endeavor to be all things to all people (whether it’s intentional, or not) – only to be loved by no one. The problem, of course, is that this often leads to being perceived as the least authentic
“Beyond the Bomb: Jägermeister’s Digital Journey” Seth: Friends! Ever had a Jäger Bomb? Like many of us who look fondly on fun moments that include Jägermeister and/or the Jäger Bomb, I have a strong emotional connection to those great times and the people I shared them with. The question is though, how can the brand
Seth: As both the supply and demand for cannabis drinks proliferates, we’re looking at the emergence of a new beverage category so powerful that it’s likely to give the energy-drink explosion a run for its money. But the question is: What do consumers want, who’s going to give it to them, and how will brands
“Catching Influence in a Bottle: How J. Lohr rapidly boosted their Instagram following” Seth: Are you interested in significantly increasing your brand’s Instagram following in a matter of months? Us, too! With that in mind…We’re pretty pumped to be joined by the Vice President of Marketing for J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines, Rhonda Motil. Rhonda
“Gatorade’s Innovation Journey: Powering athletes, empowering fans, and lifting brands” Seth: When setting your innovation strategy, something I learned a long time ago is that you want to set out with a clear purpose in mind – and it aught to be one your “tribe” cares about/aspires to as well. This type of thinking is
“Reaching and winning consumers with a disruptive brand: FloWater’s plan to eliminate the plastic water bottle” Seth: We’re here with Rich “Raz” Razgaitis, CEO of FloWater in Denver, Colorado to take a look at their mission to disrupt the plastic bottle with better tasting, electrolyte-rich water through their unique Coconut-based filtration process. “Raz” (Rich) Razgaitis,
“Real fruit, real flavors, real colors, real taste…how Black Infusions is quickly finding a following amongst leading mixologists by crafting delicious, naturally infused spirits” Seth: We’re here with Michael Davidson, CEO of Black Infusions, to look at how his company is drawing passionate, influential fans across the world of fine food and beverage…and winning new
“Building upon consumer engagement to support your customers and drive sell-through” Seth: As the RTD cocktail space continues to heat up, we’re excited to be joined today by Blue Marble Cocktails CEO and Founder to look at how they’re crafting more than cocktails at Blue Marble. Alan Miller, Sr. is crafting and executing a high-powered