If you’re not working with start-ups, you’re not cool. Your boss wants you to work with start-ups; your C-suite wants you to work with start-ups. Everybody, it seems, is working with start-ups and every day, you receive two-dozen emails from start-ups who’d like to partner with you. But who do you engage and how do
In the highly-competitive quick-serve restaurant industry, brands must constantly change to meet rapidly-changing consumer needs and demographics. Nigel Travis, Chairman and CEO of Dunkin’ Brands, will share insights into how Dunkin’ Donuts is making advancements in technology, product innovation, service and CPG to become America’s most loved beverage-led, on-the-go brand.
The mobile shift has already happened. Mobile is the constant in people’s increasingly complex, fragmented media consumption habits. With this shift comes challenges, both to how we execute marketing and how we measure the success of it. Through a standardized test-and-learn approach, PepsiCo partnered together with Facebook to transform their approach to mobile marketing. By
Mobile puts people in control of the content they consume and everything else they do, from health, to commerce, to entertainment, and travel. Brand messaging however is one area that is lagging. Brands are still disrupting consumers with flashy ads, and people are fed up, opting to pay to eliminate ads and/or  block them altogether.