Imagine you’ve “parented” a new product innovation from inception to reality, only to find out – now it’s your job to build a channel through which to sell it.  This is exactly what Dawes and Hernandez faced in bringing Unilever’s first premium tea capsules to market – and then having to build, nurture, and leverage
In a world where everyone has already thought of everything. One where people have more control over their media experience than ever before and it has never been easier to ignore the brands and messages that aren’t relevant to you. Where do brand owners and marketers start? Using industry and wider examples, this session will
FutureBrand’s ‘The Future of spirits’ examines 6 macro trends that are bound to shape the future of spirits brands. Building on these trends, we have leveraged our cross-disciplinary expertise in brand strategy and design to imagine innovation ideas that could disrupt the spirit category in the years to come. This presentation is meant to inspire
April 6, 2016
Digital and CRM Consultant and Partner, Hub and Lab For more than 20 years Deborah has been leading the transformation of global businesses into customer-focused enterprises by instituting CRM Strategies, Tools, and Techniques across Digital, Mobile and Social. Having worked with some of the world’s leading companies and brands such as SABMiller, Nokia, Sony, Marks