Consumer Experience – What we really mean by ‘Seamless’. A seamless experience is one that consumers recognize as positive and fulfilling. It takes into account critical touchpoints and good journeys to fuel good growth. It begins with the first time consumers research products and services and ends with advocacy: Seamless means that they recognize their journey
With the rise of Internet and our interconnected world, the ability of locally developed content to be viewed across multiple markets has only clarified the need for globally consistent communication platforms. The challenge for brand marketers then becomes: how to create a big global campaign idea within a flexible enough framework to guide local development
Everyone talks about disruption like it’s a good thing. But the reality is that disruption is challenging for any organization — both in terms of internal process management, market perceptions, and of course, organizational politics. In this presentation, Weaver will present a model to quantify an organization’s digital maturity in a way that eases the
  A smart man once said: “If it doesn’t drive revenue, it doesn’t get funded.” A true and a bit of a scary fact within the corporate world. So does digital drive revenue? Does it create an added value for a FMCG company like Pepsico? Let me already answer that by saying, yes! Now let
  „Heineken’s David Zappe sets out to ask and answer some of the most critical questions marketers need to be asking when it comes to dealing with an increasingly fragmented market.  What are the drivers behind the rise of craft? Do consumers look for authenticity or variety when going for craft options? Is this an