“Women-First Spirits: Sorry, Not Sorry”   Seth: Dr. Nicola Nice has gained great notoriety in the world of women-first spirits, with her brand Pomp and Whimsy having been featured in both Forbes and Vogue for her unapologetic approach to putting women at the center of her craft cordial crusade. We’re very excited to discuss such
“The Ugly Truth”   Seth: Often success comes from innovative & crafty, but non-traditional, strategies. Most brands we speak with are fighting the good fight…battling for distribution, shelf space, and velocity/sell-through. But what about a strategy that circumvents many of those hurdles and normalizes velocity? We’re here with Hugh Thomas, Founder & CEO of Ugly Drinks
“The Power of Good Ideas”   Seth: As we push ahead in 2019, what do your health and wellness goals look like? A lot of us are hoping to improve our lives through diet and exercise – but what if we’re not seeing the full picture? In the world of functional food & beverage, we
“A Toast to great companies and great beer”   Seth: We are very excited to be chatting with Robert Wilson of Toast Ale Ltd today. As you may have noticed, we’ve dedicated several interviews and a session at eBev this year to looking at socially conscious food and beverage entrepreneurs. Today Rob, Chief Toast Officer
“Social Media Link & SipCity: Lessons from a passion-centric non-paid consumer advocacy community”   Seth: We’re here with Susan Frech, Co-founder and CEO of Social Media Link – a company recently featured by O (The Oprah Winfrey Magazine) and Entrepreneur – to take a look at what we’re seeing in the world of community building
“Innovations that will change the world: The power of edible upcycling”   Seth: We’re here today with Tom Clemente, CEO of Coffee Flour to look at how these innovations in the production process and supply chain can have a vast impact on us all. This idea of edible upcycling is one that has powerful implications
“What’s all the Buzz? How BuzzBallz is quickly capturing the RTD cocktail market”   Seth: Ready for RTD (and ready-to-go) cocktails? There’s plenty of buzz about the rapidly growing market…but who’ll be the “winners”, with brands and cocktails that truly stick in the marketplace? I’d say it’s the ones who are able to best serve
“Impart before you depart: sharing your wisdom with the next generation”   Seth: Do you make time to share your journey with the marketers and leaders of tomorrow? It’s not something we all do, but it’s something I think makes a big difference in the lives, companies, and world around us. Today we’re chatting with
“Empowering the women that power our industry”   Seth: Women of the wine and spirits world…do you feel like you’re operating on equal ground with your male counterparts? Why or why not? …in either case, are you part of the movement? At eBev, touting the powerful female minds leading the way in beverage and beyond
“Beer in 2018: How we got here and where we’re going”   Seth Hillstrom: Today marks the opening session of the 36th Annual Great American Beer Festival, and we are coming to you live from Denver! We’re sitting down with Lester Jones, Chief Economist of the National Beer Wholesalers Association, on a perfect day to