“Why transforming your relationship with your consumer (and how they buy) begins with great leaders and great people”   Seth Hillstrom: Liza Maschi, Director of eCommerce, North America for Danone, is here with us today to look at the importance of people leadership as we transform the way we connect with and sell to our
“IoT: What’s working, what’s possible…and where do we go from here?”   Seth Hillstrom: Got your IoT strategy in place? (or any plans for IoT?) Please share with us, as we are joined by Cameron Worth of SharpEnd to look at what’s working, what’s possible…and where we go from here! Sharp End is truly leading the connected
“The right stuff: ensuring nutritious food and beverages are within reach”   Seth Hillstrom: Welcome all, we’re here with Seth Kaufman, President of North America Nutrition for PepsiCo to explore his and PepsiCo’s mission to make access to healthy food and beverages a reality for us all.  Seth is also Nutrition Chair of Beverage Marketing Association,