“Rémy Martin Producer Series: Inspiring Passion and Producing Purpose”


Seth Hillstrom:

We’re here with Rémy Martin brand director Benjamin Collier to talk about truly connecting with your consumers/fans in person.  Are you creating experiences and interactions that will win trial, conversion, and share of heart?

We have our questions for Ben, but don’t hesitate to ask yours. Ben, thanks for joining us today!

Ben Collier:

Hi Seth, glad to be with you today.


Ben, we’re excited that you’re here with us today to chat about your Rémy Martin Producer Series. What an incredible program for aspiring producers – as well as music (and Cognac) fans everywhere. First, can you tell us a little more about what’s going to be happening this summer and why you’re doing it?


Rémy Martin’s Producers Series is a music platform designed to discover and celebrate emerging music producers. After four successful seasons, we continue to support the collaborative process of music-making by partnering with two of music’s biggest names; 3-time Grammy Nominated artist Big Sean and chart-topping producer Mustard, to search for the next big producer. The winner will get a co-sign from Big Sean and Mustard to produce a song and lyric music video.

The contest just began in early May, welcoming aspiring beat makers of all experience levels to submit their best tracks to www.RemyProducers.com for the chance to compete at seven live preliminary talent showcases throughout the US starting in June. In addition to Big Sean and Mustard, there will be a team of industry experts who will listen to submissions and influence who will go on to compete in the finale in LA in September, with a song and lyrical music video to follow.

Overall, we created this music platform for a two big reasons: 1) our clients love music-listening to it-and creating/producing it, and 2) we make our world-renowned cognacs through a collaborative process among talents, and see a parallel with music production


Let’s talk about the events. You’re doing 7 regional qualifying events around the country, and a finale in Los Angles in late September. With so many moving parts, how do you make sure that Rémy Martin’s story is being told and fans are being reached all along the way?


It’s going to be a dynamic summer/fall ahead with the 8 events that are coming up, coast to coast, from June-September. Proper planning, content generation and client targeting are key elements to having the brand/platform stories effectively reach targeted audiences, both producers, event attendees and fans of the brand overall who want to follow the series virtually. We’re utilizing our Rémy Martin owned channels (of course) to communicate to target audiences, as well as through our talent partners and a robust media plan.


Obviously, when you’re creating such an incredible atmosphere to connect with your consumers and share the Rémy Martin brand and story, one would think you’re hoping to drive a few different types of conversion. In fact, it’s clear that your website and the producer series landing page would be great next touchpoints for event attendees (or even those following along virtually). What are you doing at the events to encourage folks to take that next step of engagement with the Rémy Martin brand?


Our goal is to engage clients before, during and after the event experiences–earning their “share of heart”, as you said wisely above Seth.

> Before the events, getting them excited about attending and sharing event details with friends/family to join them.

> During the events, encouraging them to participate by sharing their own content on social media tagging our handles and #RemyProducers , responsibly enjoying Rémy Martin’s fine cognacs and signature cocktails at the events, and via some other event-only interactive elements (to early to be revealed in detail…).

> And after the events, encouraging people to engage with the brand and Producers Series platform online, via joining our Club to be in the know about future events, and of course to explore the overall Rémy Martin brand lifestyle and portfolio, digitally and most importantly with our trade partners, on- and off-premise.


Speaking of driving conversion, I see that beyond the “Discover Cognac” and “The Collection” sections – which educate consumers on cognac and get them excited about their options with Rémy Martin – you prominently feature your store locator and e-commerce options. What’s your philosophy on how and when to try to drive conversion?


We strive to serve our clients at all stages of their journey with Rémy Martin cognac, from discovery to education, and of course from trial to loyalty.

Our philosophy on driving conversion overall is simple: to have relevant content present, at the right times and mediums, throughout their respective journeys with the brand.

The store locator and e-commerce tools allow clients the ability to quickly and effectively find our products at our trade partners in the market or virtually via e-commerce options.


Finally, if you had to guess, at the end of this program will you attribute the greatest sales bump to a) live event purchases b) those who attend or see coverage of Producer Series, go to your website, and use the product locator feature c) those who convert via e-comm or d) those who engage in some way with Producer Series (who likely reveal little to no other obvious behavior signaling intent) and then go buy a bottle of Rémy Martin or try their first Rémy and Ginger at a local bar? Some of these are easy to measure, whereas others (such as that last one), can be much trickier when it comes to attribution….so in that case, how would you go about measuring a situation like example D?


From a measurement perspective, we will measure every aspect of the platform, across the board, from the events, to the digital channels we own, as well as our media/press efforts and beyond–in order to learn as much as possible, optimize during this season and evaluate the impact of each aspect of the platform and aggregated.

From your examples below a) and c) are more easily measured/attributed, b) and d) are much harder to measure and know attribution due to the structure of the 3-tier system, and data available within it, as you know, yet we will of course use our teams collective talent and tools available to measure as best we can.


Benjamin Collier thank you so much for joining us today! We appreciate you sharing some powerful insights, and we’re excited to follow along this summer!


My pleasure Seth! Thank you for the opportunity and hope to see you soon


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