“Rémy Martin Producer Series: Inspiring Passion and Producing Purpose”   Seth Hillstrom: We’re here with Rémy Martin brand director Benjamin Collier to talk about truly connecting with your consumers/fans in person.  Are you creating experiences and interactions that will win trial, conversion, and share of heart? We have our questions for Ben, but don’t hesitate to
“Building a portfolio of brands that stick”   Seth Hillstrom: It’s enough work trying to manage the marketing efforts of one brand – but what do you do when it’s your job to oversee an entire portfolio? How do you spread across many brands but still give each the time and attention they need to
“Liquid Love in a Brand”   Seth Hillstrom: Why do great brands often have to work so hard to get people talking about them? How do we win enough share of heart (or even attention) that people start talking and telling their friends?   Luckily for WTRMLN WTR, they seem to know the answer.  We’re here
“Bringing Scotch to the people starts with a kick”   Seth Hillstrom: Yay or nay on drinking Scotch? Is it too strong or too smokey for our nays? Or maybe you think it’s just something old men drink?  Well on the way to marking a lot of firsts, Carin Luna-Ostaseski, Founder and CEO of SIA Scotch