“The shift from traditional marketing to service-led value creation”   Seth Hillstrom (Seth):  Marketers….What does it mean to actually create value for your consumers? Are we really listening, or still just waiting to speak? Today we’re joined by renowned marketer (and perpetual innovator!) Colin Kavanagh, who has been helping to lead Pernod Ricard‘s marketing efforts since
“Behaving with a heart: Boxed.com’s recipe for success”   Seth Hillstrom (Seth):  How can suppliers and online retailers work together to create a sum greater than its parts (in the ecommerce environment, and beyond)?    This is a common theme at eBev – so we are extremely lucky to have Boxed CMO Jackson Jeyanayagam here
“Kicking ass and saving grains! Why disrupting industries starts from within.”   Seth Hillstrom (Seth):  We are so lucky to be celebrating International Women’s Day by interviewing such an inspiring entrepreneur, disruptor, and visionary in Sarah Pool, Co-founder and CEO at Canvas. We’re talking about “Kicking ass and saving grains! Why disrupting industries starts from within.” 
Moving from eCommerce to Digital Commerce   Seth Hillstrom (SH):  What do you think eCommerce looks like in 2025? A major shift is under way.   I’d like to hear your thoughts…and luckily, we’ve got one of the smartest people around to help us think about “Moving from eCommerce to Digital Commerce”, Leslie Danford, Director of