Beverage Marketing Association is excited to announce that it will be bringing the beverage marketing community a weekly interview and AMA series with some of the brightest minds in beverage, marketing, and technology.

Building upon its success from 2017 and now coming to you weekly, the highly anticipated eBev Global Interview Series takes you on a journey behind the scenes and offers you perspectives, insights, and analysis from those who are doing it best. Recent iterations have uncovered some very interesting perspectives:

Companies that aren’t already strategizing for how machine learning will change their work flows and revenue streams in the future are already behind. So get with the program!” – Kiip founder and tech visionary Brian Wong

Small (…brands will win in the long run). Hands down. Why? Look at the disruptors. Small. Scroll through your Facebook feed. Small. Making a difference. Small. Small gets noticed. We peek through the cracks of the big brands”  Alexia Bregman, Co-founder of Vuka Natural Energy

We had a funny post on election night 2016- whichever party you were rooting for, no political bias, it was clever and shared widely. Give people something they can tell their friends about or feel smart about sharing. It shouldn’t feel forced. It should be something that adds to their life in some way” – Jennifer Leitman, Senior Vice President of marketing, Francis Ford Coppola Winery

It’s not that consumers hate advertising. There’s a lot of great content out there. It’s that they dislike the way it’s being delivered to them. They have become desensitized to brand messaging more than ever before, and are even willing to pay NOT to be exposed to advertisements.” Shock Torem, Co-founder, Adjoy

The interviews take place each Thursday at 11 AM est live on LinkedIn beginning Thursday January 4th, 2018, with Itai Bichler, Head of Global Digital Marketing for SodaStream. Interested parties can get answers directly from industry mavens like Itai while provoking ideas of their own.

Follow Beverage Marketing Association Executive Director Seth Hillstrom on LinkedIn to access the feed, and be sure to subscribe to the eBev SmartBrief for highlights and takeaways throughout the week.

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