Seth Hillstrom (SH): Brian Wong, you’re 26 years old and your laundry-list of achievements (and the title of your book, “The Cheat Code”) make it pretty clear that you know something we don’t. So while we are extremely excited for your upcoming presentation at eBev, I thought today it would be fun to tap into
Seth Hillstrom (SH): Marketers…are you listening to your consumers or just waiting to speak? In today’s noisy marketplace, I think we’re often guilty of the latter.  Beverage Marketing Association has brought in Shachar (Shock) Torem to look at just this. Shock is Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of adjoy – a company helping cpg/beverage brands understand and
November 30, 2017
Seth Hillstrom (SH): Hello and welcome to the 10th iteration of our eBev Global Interview Series.   Today we’re chatting with Alexia Bregman, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Vuka Natural Energy Drinks about the future of big vs. small brands and how to win by staying small.  Feel free to chime in! Alexia, thank you so much for joining
Seth Hillstrom (SH): Hey brand buddies, publisher pals, and technology superheroes….Can brands really make great, entertaining, content? The kind we want to watch or engage with. The kind that helps to shape a brand, or our connection with that brand? And the kind we can deliver to the right audience in the right context to
Seth Hillstrom (SH): Good Morning and on behalf of Beverage Marketing Association, thank you to everyone for taking some time to participate in “The Future of CPG Marketing: The Ultimate Promise of Basket Level Data”, which will be hosted by myself and lead by the brilliant mind of Bonin Bough. For anyone new to BMA’s
Seth Hillstrom (SH): Welcome to Part 3 of the eBev Live Global Interview Series! Today we are chatting with renowned CPG media, data and insights expert, Jennifer Pelino. Jennifer is VP of Omni Channel Media at 84.51˚, a subsidiary of Kroger, and has helped countless CPG brands understand and unlock their audiences. We’ll get started