hyperlogical-targetingCase Study Wiesnclub & AUF’S HAUS APP

Campaign Partner:


By Jan Heumüller, Managing Director DACH, TabMo

Campaign Goals

  • Create awareness and brand uplift for the Wiesnclub and AUF’S HAUS APP
  • Activating offline user traffic for the Wiesnclub
  • Generate downloads of the AUF’S HAUS APP

Particular Challenges

  • The campaign ran during Oktoberfest in the midst of the biggest public festival in the world. This context was used to heighten attention and interest
  • By inviting users to take action outside of the digital sphere we were able to create a campaign which transcended the online-offline boundaries

Essentially power driver

  • Utilising high impact, interactive fullscreen interstitials to offer users additional value
  • Real time locational and temporal targeting was used to reach users near the Wiesnclub at Oktoberfest at the most efficient time to drive consideration

Campaign set up

The campaign ran for two weeks for the duration of Oktoberfest and reached users between the hours of 18:00-02:00. TabMo’s hyperlocal geo-targeting was deployed alongside this temporal targeting to target devices located in the immediate proximity of the Oktoberfest grounds.

The chosen creative – an animated fullscreen interstitial – invited the user to interacted and in turn offered them a “free shot” in the nearby Wiesnclub. Upon click, users were invited to download the AUF’S HAUS APP via the App Store or Google Play. Once installed and presented at the Wiesnclub promotion booth users were rewarded with their free drink, adding value to the user themselves and closing the conversion loop for the brand.

The campaign was optimised towards Click Through Rate (CTR) with over 400,000 impressions being served.


Mobile Advertising short and precise
The Fullscreen Interstitial

Ophonesur interactive fullscreen interstitial incorporated a short animation, after which the user was encouraged to download the AUF’S HAUS App through which users could redeem their free drink at the Wiesenclub stand.



logo-with-hypTabMo created an eye-catching, short form creative to engage users whilst in the party context. Engaging users in this manner allowed us to draw on the spontaneity of the party season whilst communicating the message effectively.



Relevance in the local context of use Hyperlocal Targeting

Hyperlocal targeting offers advertisers a unique way in which to reach audiences based on real time location. This in turn can lead to intelligent, personalized messaging if utilized effectively. By reaching users in this manner, brands are able to achieve a number marketing goals which transcend the digital-physical realms.

In this case, TabMo were able to improve user experience by driving consideration at a time of maximum relevancy. TabMo’s robust hyperlocal targeting reached devices in a pre-defined area using GPS data. The creative was delivered to users who were located at Oktoberfest and activity was day-parted to reach users at relevant times of day.


Ease acceptance problems Overvalue of overvalue

Advertising on mobile devices still has problems of acceptance. An overvalue is helping to solve them and event to create positive acceptance.

The creative was designed to encourage users to download the AUF’S HAUS APP and present it at the promotional Wiesenclub booth to redeem an alcoholic beverage. This activation connected the digital-physical realms and allowed ANKOMM to enhance user experiences within the celebration itself.



  1. An outstanding Click Through Rate of 4.1% was achieved!
  2. Increased physical footfall at the Wiesnclub promotion booth
  3. The synergy between creative messaging and data targeting lead to an extremely effective campaign!


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