Taking center stage with the opening keynote of Beverage Marketing Association’s eBev Shopper 2016 this week in Chicago, Google Executive Megan Petrie made it exceedingly clear that beverage marketers need to stop seeing Mobile as scaled down desktop.  It’s not.  It’s different tool, with different opportunities, and it means something completely different to the person using it.  How close do you like you laptop to you at all times? Maybe a few feet?  Now imagine your phone being 3 feet away, or handing it to a stranger…How would you feel about that.

Well, if you’re someone who’s unwilling to let a stranger use your phone, you’re certainly not alone.  And what does that tell us? Not only is mobile the channel we take with us everywhere we go, but it’s also the most important to us as individuals.  “Mobile is personal” according to Petrie, and the opportunities and engagements that leverage such a personal platform have both ample impact, and walk a very fine line.

With Millennials being the most “mobile”, least trusting, least loyal generation ever; finding a way to provide value to you customers when and where they need it is paramount to your success.

Think about a group of friends getting ready to watch a football game, considering what beer they want for the gathering.  If you’re a beer brand – it’s your time to shine.  Here’s where you can add value.  We need to let those folks know where to buy it – and maybe even incentivize them to go do so.  Google offers up some proof of this exact dynamic:

SO beverage marketers, ALL CPG marketers, Google is telling you it’s time to stop looking at mobile as downsized desktop and start seeing the truth in the opportunity at hand: It’s the future.

– Seth Hillstrom, Managing Partner, Beverage Marketing Association


In his role as Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Beverage Marketing Association, Seth works hand-in-hand with nearly every major brand and agency in the beverage industry. With a goal of furthering the industry through collaboration, efficiency, and the creative use of technology, Seth is oft tasked with identifying and delivering on strategic partnerships that add considerable value for all participants. Working between stakeholders to identify brand-side needs and agency/technology offerings that are well aligned, Seth has helped all sides to come together to produce outstanding results on numerous occasions.

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