Sean Yelle, Customer and Commercial Marketing Director at Diageo, delivered a powerful message during his keynote this morning at eBev Shopper 2016: great brand match great people by being inclusive.  By putting the needs of the consumer first, and learning to include them, the results can be astounding.

So how are they defining “inclusivity”?

We live in a time where sentiment towards inclusivity is at it’s highest point, and brands MUST recognize this – as trust and faith in advertising continues to plummet from all-time-low to all-time-low.  We want brands that care about our lifestyle, and care to include us and add value for us – not brands that think of us as a demographic or a segment.

The takeaway: if you want consumers to buy your brand, you’d better do an excellent job of understanding them, caring about them enough to know what would potentially be valuable or meaningful in their lives, and them giving it to them.  According to Yelle, this philosophy is what drove explosive growth the Smirnoff Brand after years of stagnant performance.

…So don’t forget it!

– Seth Hillstrom, Managing Partner, Beverage Marketing Association


In his role as Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Beverage Marketing Association, Seth works hand-in-hand with nearly every major brand and agency in the beverage industry. With a goal of furthering the industry through collaboration, efficiency, and the creative use of technology, Seth is oft tasked with identifying and delivering on strategic partnerships that add considerable value for all participants. Working between stakeholders to identify brand-side needs and agency/technology offerings that are well aligned, Seth has helped all sides to come together to produce outstanding results on numerous occasions.

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