As marketers, it’s our responsibility to allocate budgets, large and small, to the right campaigns and programs to help drive our brands. And lets be clear: the onus is on us to get results. We spend on creative, we spend on content, we spend on media…we spend on just about everything. But the truth is, if you’re not effectively commercializing your campaigns (whether your role is above the line, below the line, or the full purview), you’re probably going to be looking for a job before long.

A large part of our remit as Beverage Marketing Association is to identify, connect with, and vet the technologies that can help our marketers meet their goals. On the cusp of eBev Shopper in Chicago (where marketers representing nearly every major beverage brand will dig-in on how they can and should be commercializing their work and driving sales), I wanted to reveal some of the best and most powerful places to turn when you need to put some charge into your shopper marketing. After a great deal of consideration from the BMA advisory board, here are the providers we chose to feature next month at eBev (and the ones you might want to take a minute to consider partnering with to power your programs):


84.51 – “We seek to understand what matters most to consumers. Then we give it to them”

BevBucks – “We believe that consumers should be the judge in matters of taste”

SellCheck – “We improve visual communication material before it goes live”

Ibotta – “Cash back every time you shop”

Twitter – “We give you an authentic brand voice when and where it matters most”

Avid Marketing Group – “Your shopper marketing success requires flawless execution. That’s where we come in.”

3 tier logic – “Activate shoppers, track purchases, and run successful in-store programs”

Shopkick – “Placements throughout the entire purchase funnel. From home to store and beyond”

Drizly – “Beer, Wine, and Liquor, delivered to your door within an hour”

Mynfo – “We are not a coupon, we are not a rebate. Mynfo is a next-generation solution that provides value to all three participants in the shopper journey”

ReadyPulse – “Empower real people to inspire your consumers”

Waterfall – “Intelligent mobile marketing. Waterfall powers data-drive, human-centered mobile messaging”

So the next time you go to tout how many likes or new followers a program netted, or the engagement statistics of great content, don’t rest on your laurels. Sure – this shows you’ve succeeded at adding value for your shopper or consumer in some way, but the efficacy of a campaign cannot be uncovered or justified by these types of metrics alone. We must push further and ensure that our teams and partners successfully captured that value we generated for our shopper/consumers. And how do you do that? Well a deeper-dive into how technologies like the ones BMA is showcasing can help close that loop is a great place to start.

– Seth Hillstrom, Managing Partner, Beverage Marketing Association


In his role as Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Beverage Marketing Association, Seth works hand-in-hand with nearly every major brand and agency in the beverage industry. With a goal of furthering the industry through collaboration, efficiency, and the creative use of technology, Seth is oft tasked with identifying and delivering on strategic partnerships that add considerable value for all participants. Working between stakeholders to identify brand-side needs and agency/technology offerings that are well aligned, Seth has helped all sides to come together to produce outstanding results on numerous occasions.

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