As the future of “e” and omni-channel commerce in the beverage industry continues to look less like a new frontier and more like life in 2016, some of the most critical players in the industry are gearing up to gain a deeper understanding of what’s really going on out there. Key industry executives and technology gurus on the front lines of omni-channel commerce will be sitting down at eBev Shopper (May 9-11 in Chicago) to explore where we’re finding success, what might not be working, and of course how we can harness and unleash this power to better connect and add value to our shoppers, consumers, and retail partners.

Beverage Marketing Association is thrilled to welcome Scott Hendrickson, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Drizly, the world’s leading alcohol delivery platform, and Joel Montaniel, CEO and Co-Founder, SEVENROOMS, a leader in on-premise touch-point solutions, join beverage marketing thought leaders Leslie Danford of BeamSuntory and Dilini Fernando of MillerCoors. Jonathan Mills, Director of Business Development for ModOp, the agency responsible for Amazon’s Drone-Delivery video netting billions of global impressions, and for helping to power some of the most cutting edge eCommerce campaigns today, is set to moderate this timely discussion.

With a panel of experts set to uncover some of the most incredible things these teams have been able to do together (that you may never hear about otherwise!), we are both thrilled and humbled by this unparalleled peek at the future.

What is your greatest challenge in take the next step in eCommerce and Omni-Channel Commerce? What’s holding you back from “closing the loop”? Share you questions and thoughts here and they will become a part of the conversation at eBev Shopper next month.

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