Dear BMA members, colleagues, and constituents across the beverage, marketing and technology worlds,

What a time to be alive and getting liquid to lips!  2018 has brought with it a new paradigm through which we all, as marketers – and as people – must learn to understand, reach, and speak to our consumers.  Our friends at The Coca-Cola Company said it well earlier this year:

“If Coca-Cola is to remain relevant to a diverse and rapidly moving marketplace, our internal organization must be curious, empowered and innovative.” …and we would add inclusive to that list as well.

This is the new recipe for success.  It starts with staying curious, empowered, innovative, and inclusive as individuals, and becomes pervasive as we do so across our companies and our industry. If satisfying how and why consumers welcome your brand and stories into their life is the challenge, and getting them to open the next drink is the goal…then staying on top of the latest strategies, tactics, tools, and platforms currently working (or not!) is the conduit through which that greater level of success is achieved.

Please join us for eBev 2018 this fall as we come together to take this next step as individuals, organizations, and an industry.

See you in Las Vegas!

Kika Hillstrom, Managing Director, eBev  &  Seth Hillstrom, Executive Director, Beverage Marketing Association


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Senior Manager, Innovation

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